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In Europe a growing number of companies are entering the circular economy with sustainable production models, recycling construction waste that normally ends up in landfills. One of these companies is the Lithuanian company UAB ANDERUS. The company recycles rigid polyurethane foam waste to produce construction panels under the Warmotech brand, a material that meets high mechanical standards and has exceptional properties. UAB ANDERUS can offer solutions and products that are both efficient and environmentally conscious.


Issued European Technical Assessment (ETA-22/0454) demonstrates our commitment to quality and safety standards. Warmotech boards are compliant with the relevant EU regulations and also has Environmental Product Declaration. The verifications and assessment methods lead to the assumption of working life of the thermal insulation boards of at least 25 years. In addition, Warmotech panels are a low-emission material (formaldehyde-free) that conforms to the M1 emission class



Warmotech boards are intended to be used as thermal insulation in buildings and construction applications, including floors, walls and roofs. Warmotech panels are widely used in the construction sector for building units where the problem of thermal bridges may occur or by replacing other insulating materials that are not strong enough to withstand heavy loads. Products made of Warmotech boards are widely used for installing windows and doors in the insulation layer.

Warmotech boards are composed of milled PU-residues (can include other materials e.g., craft paper or aluminium foil) and bonding agents. The final product – Warmotech board – is made of at least 90 % recycled rigid polyurethane (PU) foam. The residue left after cutting/ processing the board can be milled and reused once more.